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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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When I think back, it was my nan that gave me my first camera. I expressed an interest in owning one and true to form she appeared minutes later with one. It was a tatty old thing of course, a hand me down that must have been tucked away somewhere, but it still could accommodate the shiny reel of film that she had in the other hand.I took many pictures that day of our family and relations at one of nans get-togethers

Things changed as I got older but I still had some form of camera lurking in my bag, capturing my social life, cycling, DJing, martial arts, Volkswagons. I have pictures of all those in my old collection so I must have carried some camera with me a lot of the time. I also bought a video camera in the early 90’s and shot many Volkswagon events around the country. I really enjoyed using that Sony handicam. It was a marvel of a piece of kit for that time.

I acquired my first digital camera by complete accident. In the 90’s, I had ordered a hard disc and a camera arrived instead. Once i had compared the prices I opted to keep the camera. Funnily enough it didn’t see much use which is a shame because my work involved a lot of travelling so the opportunities were aplenty.


Time waiteth for no man. Light is time isn#’t it? I’m no scientist but It’s enextricably linked to time in my eyes. But it moves too fast for us to take in and remmebr fully. togs are acutely aware of this . the fleeting glimpse of the kingfisher flying past and water vole slipping away into the reeds.those moments are gone forever in an instant. Sure we remember the moment and what had just happened but we don’t retain all of the information, I’m sure you’ll agree. Light hitting the eye and the brain making sense of it at a somewhat slower pace. Putting a camera in between can freeze those photons and memories in time forever. Thats pretty powerful if you ask me.

I never knew what a journey photography had in store for me before I aquired a ‘proper’ camera. I wanted to document my encounters for others to see, nothing more. Little did I know what I was in for. I thought getting a camera would solve this for me and that would be the end of it. Of course any photographers know what I’m about to say next. Getting the camera was just the start.

I love it all, but some more than others
Being out in the woods is the pinnacle for me, earlier the better. The songbirds echoing through the trees and dappled light piercing though the canopy. There is mystery in the woods you see. What’s round the next corner. What was that sound in the thick scrub beside me. Blackbird, Squirrel, Roe Deer? Do I go left here or right? Lets try left, then come back later and try right. I want to see it all, every day I can..
I love scorching heathland mid-summer with its gorgeous spray of purple heather later on and the myriad of different insects that are on offer there. I love the parks with their magnificent Red Deer stags smashing the living daylights out of eachother and the cute young calfs peeping out from the long grass the following summer - the fruits of last years rut. I love hillside views and chalk down butterflies too, brownfield wildlife, wild meadow, I love it all (we have all those things down here in the south and I cherish each and every one of them) but I feel at my happiest in the woods. I thought it was the seaside that made me the happiest with its unending waves as a soundtrack and fresh clean air to fill my lungs, the endlessly changing vista of boats, and seabirds and ferries going about there day, the roucious sounds of gulls fighting over a sandwich crust and the slap of the sailing boat cables on the mask in the wind, but i found out through exploration that it’s the woods. Throw in a river or stream and I’m golden.